About Me


When I stood for the Wainuiomata Community Board back in 2010, I was driven by a simple goal: to serve the people in my community, and make their lives just a little bit better.

That is, after all, what being an elected representative is all about - doing the best job you can to achieve the best results and outcomes for the people you represent.  

As Mayor, I’ve continued to be an advocate for our city and our community - working to make our city the best it can be.

And I haven’t for once taken for granted or forgotten the people who elected me, the community I represent, and the work I must do to earn and retain people’s trust.  

As Mayor, I’ve worked hard every day to serve, represent, and deliver on the promises I’ve made. 

That’s what people expect of their local representatives.

And it’s what people expect of their Mayor. 

If you would like to know more or would like to have a chat, please be in touch.