My plan to take action on climate change and protect our environment

We all know the impact climate change is having and will continue to have on the Hutt. We have the opportunity to be bold and ambitious and take the lead on tackling environmental issues. I have a plan to take action on the environment and lead our city into the future. 

Ring fence profits from the Silverstream Landfill for environmental initiatives

A Council I lead will give climate change the urgency it needs for the future of our kids and grandkids.  I will start by initiating a full review into the operation of the Silverstream Landfill, one of our largest emitters in the Hutt Valley, and I will ring fence the $6 million annual profit made from the Landfill for environmental initiatives and lowering our carbon footprint. 

Upgrade kerbside recycling

It’s time to bring our kerbside recycling into the 21st Century. As Mayor, I will implement a two-bin recycling system in residential and rural areas and make recycling free for all primary and intermediate schools.  I’ll work with Upper Hutt City Council in developing a shared service for our kerbside recycling, so we can lower the cost for both our cities. 

There will also be a focus on waste minimisation, and working with regional and national stakeholders to get on top of the growing issue of plastics that are not being recycled.