My plan to tackle the housing crisis in the Hutt

I believe Lower Hutt is a great place to grow up and raise a family. We need to ensure that this is true for all Hutt residents, and this starts with everyone having warm dry homes. I have a plan to help tackle the housing crisis that we face.

Ending homelessness

The Council continues to sell off Council-owned social housing while subsidising corporate interest projects. I believe everyone deserves a roof over their head. As Mayor, I will increase the amount of social housing held by Council, to 300 within my first term. 

Additionally, I will transform Urban Plus so it gets out of property speculation, and focuses on its core social responsibility to provide homes for people who need it most. This will ensure our current senior citizen tenants continue to have access to warm dry homes, and that new homes provide a safety net for those who find themselves in need.

Increase housing supply

Instead of giving property developers large handouts, we’ll work with them to cut unnecessary red tape in supporting them to build quality, well planned housing in our communities. I will change our district plan to make it easier to build apartments in our CBD.

Work alongside central government

I’ll lead a Council that shows leadership and works side-by-side with Central Government and non profit organisations in providing homes for people and families that are in need. I will work alongside central government to get Housing First rolled out in the Hutt to provide wrap-around support for those in the community who need it the most.