My plan to invest in infrastructure across our city

For a growing city like ours, we need to invest in infrastructure to give our communities and businesses the confidence that the basics are being taken care of. I have a plan to take care of the basics, so that all of our communities can thrive.

Get our basic infrastructure up to scratch

The Council has ignored the basics for far too long. Last year $20 million dollars budgeted for new infrastructure was reallocated to pay out incentives for developers who were going to build anyway. I refuse to ignore the basics. That’s why I will reprioritise $5 million a year to invest and improve our basic infrastructure.  

Part of this will see Council’s footpath replacement fund increased from $210k to $1.5 million. Having good footpaths supports our seniors, use of electric scooters, wheelchairs and our disabled community. There will also be a focus on increasing the capacity of our storm water network to reduce instances of flooding for homes and businesses in a heavy downpour.

Independent review into underground infrastructure

Our infrastructure is not equipped to cope with housing growth and mother nature’s worst. I will commission an independent review into the state of our underground infrastructure. The findings of the review will provide an understanding of the issues we face, and where investment is needed.

Rebuild/repair Naenae pool

The Pool’s closure has had a devastating impact on the Naenae Community, local businesses, and users across our city and region. I will urgently repair/rebuild Naenae pool, and ensure there is strong community involvement throughout the entire process.